Director - Bernardo Ruiz

Bernardo Ruiz is a two-time Emmy® nominated documentary filmmaker and member of the Academy. He was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His directorial feature debut, Reportero, (POV, 2013) about attacks on the press in Mexico premiered at Full Frame (U.S.), IDFA (Europe) and Ambulante (Mexico). New York Magazine called it “a powerful reminder of how journalism often requires immense amounts of physical and psychological bravery.” His second feature documentary, Kingdom of Shadows (POV, 2016) premiered at SXSW in the U.S. and IDFA in Europe. “Many documentaries have chronicled the drug war in the U.S. and Mexico,” writes Slackerwood of the film, “but few have humanized it as poignantly as Kingdom of Shadows. [It] is more observant than crusading...rooted in first-rate journalism.” The New York Times called it “unforgettable.”


Co-Producer - Lauren Capps

Lauren Capps is a journalist and producer based in San Francisco. Lauren produced several episodes of the documentary series Fault Lines, including Forgotten Youth: Inside America’s Prisons, which was nominated for two 2016 News and Documentary Emmy Awards. She directed, produced and edited the award-winning Captive Radio, a short documentary. It won Best Short Documentary at the San Diego Latino Film Festival and was nominated for an International Documentary Association award. She was a story producer for the forthcoming Netflix documentary series Bobby Kennedy for President, and associate producer for Rape in the Fields/Volacion de un Sueno, which was broadcast on PBS FRONTLINE and Univision and won a 2014 duPont-Columbia Award and Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. She worked with MediaStorm on Crisis Guide: Iran, which won a 2012 Emmy Award, and has produced for PBS NewsHour, the Center for Investigative Reporting and the George Lucas Educational Foundation, among others.


Editor - Fiona Otway

Fiona Otway is a documentary filmmaker who tackles complex social issues through nuanced, emotionally resonant stories. She was an editor on IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS, which was awarded the first-ever prize for 'Best Documentary Editing' at Sundance Film Festival and received several other international awards, including an Academy Award nomination. Fiona was also an editor on the Academy Award-nominated film SARI’S MOTHER. In addition, she was the editor of HELL AND BACK AGAIN, which won the Sundance Film Festival ‘Grand Jury Prize', a DuPont Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award.


DP - Victor Tadashi Suarez

Victor Tadashi Suarez is an eight-time Emmy-nominated director of photography specializing in vérité filmmaking. He has DP’d over fifty investigative documentary films, working for National Geographic, PBS Frontline, ESPN Films, and The New York Times. He was among the first to arrive in Ferguson and has since been present at some of the most significant events in recent American history: the uprisings in Baltimore, the encampment at Standing Rock, and the violence in Charlottesville to name a few. He is known for his signature floating handheld style of cinematography and his ability to capture spontaneous moments effortlessly and authentically, often running sound as well. He owns an Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 mark ii, Inspire 2 drone / X7 camera, MōVi Pro, and Sony A7Sii. Victor is fluent in Spanish, is a licensed and insured Part 107 drone pilot, and is certified in hostile environment training. He studied economics and philosophy at Columbia University in New York City.


Additional Editing - Lucas Smith

Lucas Smith is a filmmaker with diverse experience, working in social documentary, dance filmmaking, and music videos. In 2012, he was recognized as an Emerging Vision in film by the IFP at Lincoln Center, where his film GHOSTS OF THE ARAL SEA was featured. As cinematographer, his work is featured in Naeem Mohaiemen's LAST MAN IN DHAKA CENTRAL, which premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2015, and played at MoMA Documentary Fortnight. He also shot Craig Lowy's dance documentary OXD: ONE EXTRAORDINARY DAY, which premiered at DOCNYC. As a Director and DP, Lucas' dance film BETWEEN YOURSELF AND ME premiered at Dance on Camera Film Festival at the Lincoln Center in 2018. He has worked behind the scenes on several of Bernardo Ruiz's films. Originally from Arizona, but now located in Toronto, Lucas was recently honored by the Canada Council for the Arts for his ongoing work in film. He received his BA in Philosophy and Math History from St. John's College in New Mexico and received his MFA in Social Documentary Film from School of Visual Arts in New York City.


Associate Producer - Andrea Cordoba

Andrea Cordoba is a Mexican filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.  For the past 6 years, she has worked as a visual storyteller exploring the medium in relation to immigrant and Latinx voices. Andrea has worked for CNN, as well as Researcher for documentary 500 Years (2017), as Archival Coordinator for documentary Bones of Contention (2017) and is currently in post-production on her directorial feature debut Sanctuary (2019). She received her BA in Anthropology and Journalism from NYU and an MFA in Social Documentary Film from the School of Visual Arts.


Composer - Alaskan Tapes

Alaskan Tapes is an Ambient music project based in Toronto, Canada. The outfit is the brainchild of composer Brady Kendall, who set out to explore different approaches and craft songs that aren’t only about memorable melodies, but also about texture and depth. Alaskan Tapes releases conventional albums, tracks and EPs, but the project is also busy working on soundtrack work for film and other visual media. With its far-reaching orchestral drones, bespoke arrangements and intimate production aesthetics, the outfit’s recent release, “In Distance We’re Losing”, stands out as a great example of Alaskan Tapes' work.